A bit about ourselves.  We’re a fun, talented crew.  A professional and tight knit video production company.  Between all of us, we have a multitude of skills.  Some of us love fiction, some love action and drones, and some of us love just brainstorming the next big thing – staying at the forefront of video trends, like CG (computer generated motion graphics + animation.)    The one thing we all have in common – passion.  We all love what we do.    Give us something we can sink our time into, a way to express our creativity, and our only focus is making you a success.

Video Production. The most important part of any marketing strategy, which also makes it the most daunting. For some, but not for us  – video production makes us smile. Because at VeraGold Productions: Event, Photo and Video, we’re passionate about production.

We are a photo, event & video production company

Corporate Videos

Capture a corporate conference, develop corporate training videos, enhance your marketing strategy, or simply promote your business.

Brand Videos

Great for business, technology, energy and finance industries – if they’re done right. Ours are.

Commercial Videos

Coming up with concepts for commercial video ads are one of the more exciting jobs we get to do around here.

Video Editing

We don’t have to have shot the footage to make it magical – we can take your random footage and turn it into a compelling, widget-moving story.